Notes from Tom Simon, Synthos’ President

The power of GIS lies in its ability to take a wide variety of complex information, display it in a georeferenced space, conduct analysis and layer overlay, and then produce meaningful custom map products to communicate clearly to a variety of audiences.

During the last 20 years I have used GIS at many levels, on a wide variety of projects. From GIS project design, to data management, to environmental sampling design, spatial analysis, and reporting; I have covered the entire life cycle of GIS program implementation.

We seek out and make use of the best, most appropriate, and most cost effective tools to meet my clients' needs. Some examples include:

- ESRI's ArcGIS Suite.

- Google Earth and Google Maps

- USEPA FIELDS: Sample design and analysis software for Environmental applications.

- NOAA's CAMEO software suite.

- Qgis

A Few of Our Specific Services in the GIS and Geospatial Field:

-GIS Consulting:

-GIS Services: Data collection, Analysis, Map and Figure Production.

-Business Data Visualization Studies estimate that over 80% of data has a location component.  We can help you leverage this information through the use of geospatial tools appropriate to your needs.

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We provide a wide array of Geospatial services to help clients solve problems, manage their information, and add value to their mission or business products. Our focus is on using GIS as a primary tool, along with GPS and others, to create and develop creative solutions for our clients.

We bring broad experience and creativity to our projects.

20+ years of experience serving a variety of clients.

We partner with a variety of professional experts to address your needs effectively.

We treat our customers with respect and hold to the highest ethical principles of fairness, honesty and integrity.

Expert knowledge of GPS, GIS, and their application to real world projects and challenges.

Quick response time, personal attention, and reasonable pricing.

Excellent knowledge of the Federal Government workspace and federal contracting.

We love to work with other small businesses and non-profits as well.



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